Tuesday, July 10, 2007

super chikboy and his family

My Super Chikboy,

Have I told you already? You're the only superhero with that name. Dad and I invented it for you. During cousin Ty's birthday while cousin Ty was Dash from the Incredibles...

Super Chikboy and Dash

w/ Perez Cuzinz:our family here in cebu =)

Super Chikboy

I wish for you to see your cousins often but since that is not possible as of the moment, I cropped some pictures and Tita Mae made it into a a poster with the faces of not only your cousins but also of the rest of our big family. I let you say hi to them every day so that you'll get familiar with their faces. In fact, we really talk to them. hahaha. You think we look funny? Talking to a poster? No we look cute. This idea was suggested by your Tita Anne because she wants you to be at home with her (&them) when we go to Bacolod. Hopefully next month for your cousin Abe's birthday. You should memorize all of their faces Anak cuz they all said cuz Abe can really tell who's He's superman you know!

This is our family son. I hope and pray that you grow up with love and respect for our family for they say: "A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it." Our family loves us unconditionally, that's love next to what God can give. So remember, family first okey? =)

I love you,

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