Friday, June 15, 2007

the dreadful basket

Dear Son,

The basket you see here has caused me tears today.

I bought it one day while we were in the mall because you loved playing with it, putting stuff inside it, feeling responsible for carrying something like grown ups do in a supermarket.

And this basket became one of your favorite toys in the house. You just love putting things inside it, carrying it around, unloading it, and putting your tiny fingers in its little holes.
Until this morning. This morning i will never forget. Your tiny fingers weren't that tiny anymore -- they got STUCK!!! Your forefinger and thumb got stuck in it and we couldn't remove them that easy. What frightened me more and caused me to cry was your very-painful-and-really-hurt-very-very-loud cry! Your lips were already trembling and your face was red. Why not? Your fingers were already purple!!!! And it began to swell!! My Goodness!I was ready to call an ambulance. But I thought. Something must be done now! I couldn't wait for another minute listening to your painful cry...

I thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me not to panic. I remember shouting "Lord! buligi kami ay ano himuon namun!!! (Lord please help us. Tell us what to do!!!) I right away remembered: soap and water! I saw that being done by some people when they couldn't remove a ring from their finger. Thanks to the dishwashing liquid and the pail of water that's already full. Thanks too for Tita Mae who shouted and cried with me. As I submerged your fingers -- I mean the basket with your fingers -- in the pail, I told you: "Baby relax lang ha.. relax lang" then I began to massage your fingers calmly -- praying all at the same time. Before we knew it, your fingers were FREE!!!

"Thank You Lord!". That's all I could say. And we both cried. Till you were calm.

Now baby, Im ordering you-- don't you dare touch that basket again. Is that clear?

... evething i need to know, my mom tells me.