Monday, March 31, 2008

new addres

we've moved here :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pre Rujim-Days

2 months on the way

3 mos on the way

8 mos on the way

Pre Rujim-Days

Dearest Baby Kuya,
Im back! It's been so long since i wrote to you.. You see i am having your baby brother now :) he's 5 months in my womb. Aren't you excited? It has been a not-so-easy pregnancy. I felt awful the past 4 months. Now, I'm better, so I'm back to updating you.. and I'm planning to make a blog for your little brother too...

Well, to make up for the lost time im going to begin posting here your pictures since you were in my womb, up to today :) How wlong will it take me? God knows hehe I just hope to finish it before Baby Brother arrives .. I'll start now...

The world will see how adorable and cute you are in pictures!


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So long Mommyla... Welcome Molars!

Dear Baby,

Mommyla went home already baby. she was with us here for like 2 weeks! that was her longest vacation here ever. Im sure you miss her dearly. and i so bet all your cute baby shoes she misses you like crazy... she told me that. So long Mommyla.. see you again next month?

Now, Im so happy that you are finally smiling and playing and eating normally again after almost two weeks of suffering due to teething. But today, thank God i have noticed it has finally made it through your gums. I guess it's your molar. Painful eh?

Haven't written for you last week. We've been busy with so many things. Tita Nini and Tito Undo's homecoming, Mommyla was here, we went to Bohol, blah blah blah! And now we are preparing for our trip to Bacolod! whew! Now tell me...who is the most 'laagan' baby in the whole wide world? Rujim Paul!

Spell Rujim Paul! R-U-J-I-M P-A-U-L! when i say this hi-pitched question, you would go the wall where i posted this:

and point to the letters of your name as if you already know how to spell! hehehe .. btw, look at those palm prints. the bigger one is mine and the smaller one is yours. i wished i did not use red hehe it looks horrific to me.. how about those scribbles? see that? that's yours too! i am so proud of your artworks that i post it so people who visit us will see them.. i bet you are going to be one good artist when you grow up. just like your Lolopapang, Nanay Dit2 and Tito Jong.

hey.. i got to park now. you seem to be catching my attention already. what's that very loud "PAA-PA-PAAAA-PAAA-PAAAAA" sound all about? =)


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

random images of july

Dear Uji,

Got so many things on my to-do list today, but nevertheless, I can't miss my weekly post for you =) so I think this time, Im going to let these pictures tell you how your life has been lately...

Every Wednesday in My Playroom, I drop you (w tita Mae)
as I go about my business transactions and some me-time.

hmnnn. chikboy gyud =)

Bugoy bugoy.

Mom's having some arthritis attacks
and there's my Rujim to the rescue! ..
o daw ga reklamo haw? hehe

you first set of crayons.

trying to make friends @ playroom.

Dad's the culprit here.
And you seemed to like it so much
that you actually let me do it again the following day!

seldom shot. you just hate cameras :(

your early i23's .. caught you counting the clothepins
see video version HERE

i just love being your mom.
and im sure Dad never minds carrying you on his shoulders...
(@ Brownian Revival's concert. You were the youngest spectator i guess)

That's about it Baby. I have to make some scrapbooking materials now. Planning to hold a scrapbooking party here in our house anytime soon. Btw, thank you for being such a
very good boy last Saturday at Maanyag while Tito Jerry d' Barber was fixing your hair. You have to really look good coz Mommyla's coming over this weekend =) Im quite excited for you son.

Hey I got to go really.

Hugs Baby...
... evething i need to know, my mom tells me.