Tuesday, July 17, 2007

random images of july

Dear Uji,

Got so many things on my to-do list today, but nevertheless, I can't miss my weekly post for you =) so I think this time, Im going to let these pictures tell you how your life has been lately...

Every Wednesday in My Playroom, I drop you (w tita Mae)
as I go about my business transactions and some me-time.

hmnnn. chikboy gyud =)

Bugoy bugoy.

Mom's having some arthritis attacks
and there's my Rujim to the rescue! ..
o daw ga reklamo haw? hehe

you first set of crayons.

trying to make friends @ playroom.

Dad's the culprit here.
And you seemed to like it so much
that you actually let me do it again the following day!

seldom shot. you just hate cameras :(

your early i23's .. caught you counting the clothepins
see video version HERE

i just love being your mom.
and im sure Dad never minds carrying you on his shoulders...
(@ Brownian Revival's concert. You were the youngest spectator i guess)

That's about it Baby. I have to make some scrapbooking materials now. Planning to hold a scrapbooking party here in our house anytime soon. Btw, thank you for being such a
very good boy last Saturday at Maanyag while Tito Jerry d' Barber was fixing your hair. You have to really look good coz Mommyla's coming over this weekend =) Im quite excited for you son.

Hey I got to go really.

Hugs Baby...


My name is Anne said...

priceless photos. hay rujim paul rulona.miskin pila ka million pesosesoses,indi kaya tupungan ang mga moments nga ini. you will thank your mom for all your life for documenting such wonderful memories. cutiepie appliepieeeeeee!!!!!

Lnor said...

I'm so proud of you GodSon and im so proud of your mom. How I wish i have such a wonderful autobiography during my cutie days like you with my mom... hehehe bitaw, im looking forward to see you as a very good man as you grow up. Sinusubaybayan ko po ang buhay nyo.. God bless you always! Mwuah! :-)

... evething i need to know, my mom tells me.