Monday, July 2, 2007

Tita Mae: housemate, tita, cook, and ---> photographer

Dearest Baby,

Yesterday, I went to the city to meet a client whose getting married and she wants me to host her wedding! We also talked about the possibility of her availing our chocolate fountain. But that's not the purpose of this letter =) See, Its been my habit to call home to check on you....

Tita Mae: (super excited) Hello nang! Nang! nang! gwapo2 bala lau Uji nang! as in! gin picturan ko sya Nang!
Mommy: Tuod?!! (mas excited)
Tita Mae: Huo nang daw, gin picturan ko sya (very proud) malagaw kami subong..suk2 ya iya snoopy shorts, white shirt, kag super chikboy cap! (almost shouting)
Mommy: sige sige tan awon ko karon iya picture....(sooo excited for the pix)

Upon arriving few hours later, the next thing I did after kissing and hugging you was to check on the pictures.

Toink! wala gid itsura puros gatalikod hahaha! But It's a nice try.

I have been wanting to tell you about our her.
Aside from Daddy, we have with us your Tita Mae. She's been with us since you were 4 months old. She loves you dearly and you do love her. In fact, your first clear word was "Tita". And I regret to admit, you said that even before you could say "Mommy". Oh well. Im not jealous. I know Im number one in your heart =)

Tita Mae is one of God's blessings to our family. She is my 3rd degree cousin who seems to be staying with us for as long as we need her. Let's just pray to God that she won't get married early. Haha. She's an excellent cook. As in namit. She does things around the house without being told. She makes sure that you are always smelling fresh, clean, and comfortable. You go out with her every single day @ 4:00 to play around the neighborhood. She buys you stuff from her own money. Like that cute hat. Remember? She reloads your timezone card. She buys you your favorite waffle. She is really your Tita. She may get monthly pay from us but she never becomes our househelp. She is your tita. I may get mad at her for her lapses, and sometimes its also because of my unreasonable mood swings, but I make it up to her. I buy her little nothings ..
I kiss her in the mass during peace-offering time. I just pray Tita Mae stays with us for good. Especially now that I suspect you're gonna be Kuya (!) I pray that God bless her more. That God heals her nanay, Tita Boday, and that her brothers will have stable careers. And yes, difficult it may seem, but I also pray that she has to have her own life with a good family. In God's Time.

I want you to respect, value, and love Tita Mae. Not only because she loves you and takes care of you, but also because that's what God wants okey?


P.S. we are in a magazine where Tita Anne2 works! hehe Wanna see it? click here


My name is Anne said...

daw hibi man ko ba.yes, you are so blessed to have tita may with you. as in super. she can't be perfect, of course. but neither can anybody be.

bebang rulona ... said...

wrong spelling tita mae na ya hehe ... she's super in love with uji.. mas istrikta pa sa akon.. when i told her the possibility of my being buntit nag lumaw2 iya mata kay luoy sya kuno kay uji nga gamay pa ayti .. hehe

... evething i need to know, my mom tells me.