Tuesday, June 26, 2007

nike? or daddy?

Hi Baby!

Nothing much to tell you today. We've been inseparable for more than two weeks already. I've been bringing you everywhere. And I love it!

Let me recall...

Two days ago... Dad arrived from Malaysia. He was there for four days to set up some lab. Im not so sure what that meant hehe. He arrived so excited to let you fit those cute nike sneakers he bought for you. I was green with envy. I wish I have a new pair for running too hehehe. But it's okey coz I also have my gold rubber sandals (the most comfortable pair ever!) and a 'paris hilton' shades (which reminds me of today's headline). Well, am I bragging? Maybe but I'd like to believe these are just material things. These things can't give us authentic happiness. What matters most is Dad arrived in one piece and we are in each others' arms again. I'd rather you have a 'spartan' sandals with your Dad. Than a thousand Nike without him...

I recall growing up with your Titas and Tito (my siblings) without much luxury in life. Deprived even. But Lolopapang and Lolamamang instilled to us that true essence of happiness don't always come from the expensive things. We grew up poor. But happy. Because our parents were always there beside us. I could go on till tomorrow telling stories about our humble but happy childhood. But that would be another blog. Maybe nex time =)

I told you I have nothing much to say hehe .. Im so hungry now. It's already 7:30 PM and I haven't had dinner yet coz i'm waiting for your Dad, while you watch Dora.

By the way I have noticed, your laugh has become a little louder already. Maybe you got Dad's signature, crispy laugh. Bwahahah =)

I love you,
Memi (you call me that lately)


lnor said...

Sweet mommy! How blessed is this child who got wonderful parents and how blessed are these parents who have a wonderful child.. in short you are all blessed! Magminyo napud ko ron maapil ko sa blessed parents..haha! Missed yah all... mwuah!

bebang rulona ... said...

haha! halo mare! so nice of you to come over.. and drop a comment :) lipay ayo ko hehe yes, you have my blessing pag minyo na .. now na!! hehe bitaw oi. In God's time, mag blog blog nasad ka abt your own baby =)

... evething i need to know, my mom tells me.