Saturday, June 16, 2007

fathers day

Dearest Anak,

Today is FATHERS DAY. So I made this special collage of you and your Dad....

My one way of letting you know he loves you (and me) next to God (that's what he tells me all the time!) He is a very good provider for our family. He loves to go home early so he can be with you. He changes your diapers. He gives you a very nice and lingering bath every weekend. He sings for you till you sleep with his very own composition. I can tell he's willing to do more for the love of you.

I praise the Lord always for giving us you Dad.
And let us not forget, your Lolopapang, and Daddylo, too.
Most of all --- let's praise our ONE FATHER UP THERE who never leaves us one second :)

i love you and i love your dad very much!
...MOM :)


My name is Anne said...

ay super melt akon heart lantaw pics.worth gd ni nga himuon sa moviemaker.hehehe..nami nami gd mga pics. as in treasure gd. and your letter to uji, of course, beautiful. sisters gd ta tuod. pareho ta gina think. last night, after reinee left to go back to the camp, after my prayer time, i wrote in my diary for abe, a letter about his tatay, how patient and gentle he is as a tatay, how he provides, how he thinks of us all the time even if he's away. things like that. and when i read this letter, i thank God how blessed we are, kay pareho gd kita duha may mga bana nga mga buot. (gina daug-daug ta lang.hehehe JUK JUK JUK!!!!)

momoftwo said...

ka cute sg pics of daddy and son..what program u use to make the collage?

bebang rulona ... said...

helo girls!
Maps, i used PICASA.. may ara ka na?

... evething i need to know, my mom tells me.