Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Holy Week with Grannies.. Milestones Galore

It's the best time to write to you now, while you're busy tending Noodles and Nee chee (the cute little chicks given to you by Tita Yang).. Noodles is kinda sick. Despite the vetracin we gave her :( let's just hope she'll recoverImg_8963, ok?Img_8985

Img_8947 Img_8968

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your Lolopapang, Lolamamang, and Mommyla came over last Holy Week . Your Tita Yang and Bing were here too.. They had so much fun bonding with you (and were challenged too since you were not that friendly to them hehe --- they understand) they were amazed to see you:

  • walk unsupported
  • walk, stop, and turn, and shout (in ayala)
  • carry some things (ur 2 favorite fish toys) in your hand while walking
  • climb safely on the stairs
  • drink from a cup
  • performs (jollibee dance,fly fly fly the butterfly,sampung palaka (cousin abe's talent hehe),head and shoulders kness and toes, clap, sign of the cross (its actually waving ur hand from left to right and clasp both hands for "AMEN").. ETC..
  • knows thingsby pointing to them if asked "where" (window, horse, daddy and mommy's frame, TUFF, flower, moon, WELCOME sign,lights,ceiling fan, bathroom, etc.
  • utter words: jollibee (edi edi edi) daddy (adedi), mommy (amama amama), milk (tititim), saka or climb (kaka), no (indi!)
  • read read read.
  • get angry (yeas, im glad to know you do get angry baby, it means you are normal. i love you)

Got to go now baby. some friends are coming over tonight.
Remember: you are loved.

MOM :)

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