Tuesday, April 3, 2007

bookworm at 14 months

My Dearest Rujim Paul,
While i'm typing this, you are downstairs watching Baby Einstein with Tita Juris. I write a letter for you every week in your notebook. But since we just got internet at home (Thank You Lord!), i find pleasure in blogging my weekly letters to you (will just print and paste it in your notebook for safekeeping, and for you to see when you grow big enough to read all these).
This week you love to walk and run a lot! (of course to my horror.. and to your Dad's nightmare) Your past time is opening and closing our kitchen cabinets, your fulfillment is climbing up the stairs, lately, you like to play anything i place inside the TUFF box (it's the powerful laundry detergent i'm selling) :) your lolopapang saw you playing with it to his delight (he's my boss in this tuff stuff hehe) ...
Of all the things you showed this week, your love for READINg impressed me the most! Earlier this day, you cried when Tita Mae stopped reading Your Mickey Mouse book...You just love it when i and Daddy read to you...You also like to read alone ..you can sit alone reading for a while ... as if giving me time to check my friendster update hehe, which reminds me to go now, still have to add a friend eh :) i love you my son. See you downstairs.


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