Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

Dearest Langgitoytoytitotitoytoytoy,

I love calling you that when i feel so *umol-umol to you!

You're extra cute today. Moments ago, you kept on smiling (quietly) at me, with reasons i don't know. Feeling ko man super love mo ko to the max hehe. Such an act of yours gives me that much needed affirmation--- that i'm doing the right thing (thanks be to God Who guides me, and your Dad) ... Still a long way to go pa but at least, just for today, i know somehow, things with us are A-ok =)

Can't wait for tomorrow! It's the start of our looong weekend with Dad! Yipee!

Friday. Dad's got no work. It's a holiday. You and Dad will go with me as i run errands for my humble business(sssssss!). Then we will do our most favorite: groceries! it's so much fun to see you on the grocery cart Babytoytoy. You seem to be so happy that you do that "headbang" thing haha. Last on our IT is the dinner with Dad's highschool friends.

Saturday. It's a whole day picnic at our subd's clubhouse with Ninong Nikky and family, Ninong Odick and family. You will see Sofia, Kira, and Ate Mika again!

Sunday. Church in the morning, and in the afternoon, we will attend your Tito Hubert's house blessing. Maybe we will bring home-cooked brownies for them as a gift =)

Does it look like life's perfect? No Baby. There's no such thing. I was chatting with your Tita Anne, and i told her, we're missing a lot of time away from them. Our family. Lolo, Lola, your aunts and cousins. If only we can be with them everyday. But it's okey. We are here for each other. We can only pray that Cebu Pacific will keep their flights low so grannies can come over often =)

Got to go back to my scrapbooking duties ... while you sleep so soundly.

So much love.
Mommy =)

*"umol-umol" means "pungot" or "gigil" (forgot the English hihi)

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