Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rujim's Smile: Spot the Difference

Dearest Baby,

Last Friday night, Dad introduced us to two of her dearest friends from high school, Tita Jimnee and Tita Badet. What made that bonding so special was your showing us you are already a gentleman! When I asked you to 'bless' and you politely complied (much to my surprise, for you did it the first time!) You would normally shy away from people you don't see very often. But it made me so happy to see how cooperative you were (well, there was a little bit of resistance) during the documentation time...

Uji w/ Tita Jimnee: see mommy? i'm smiling (napugos smile)

Uji w/ Tita Badet: i'm really smiling ... (pakunswelo smile)

Uji w/ Mom: haay, finish na picture taking (secured smile)

... thank you Baby for doing your best to overcome that shyness. And thanks to your new Titas (thanks Jimnee and Badet! see you tonight here at our house... more good times!) It's really a moment to cherish when we are with friends. I pray that you'll grow up knowing how to keep and treasure friends. And i hope you will consider me as one of your best friends too =)



My name is Anne said...

daw nag reply naman ko na di?hehehe..daw ga confuse na ko sa tanan-tanan ko nga gina replyan.ang isa ka smile daw ga mus-on.hehehe..cuteipieapplepie..

bebang rulona ... said...

ehehehe =)

... evething i need to know, my mom tells me.