Friday, June 1, 2007

Letter from Tita Yang

Hi Anak!

It's Saturday.. Dad was surprised to see you climb up your toy motor ( a gift from tita Mayoy) on your own haha. I missed telling him you've been doing it for quiet some time =)

Here's the email from Tita Yang:

My dearest Rujip,
I was very happy that you get to hang out with us in our crib:-) Tita Bing could tell ,you like me more than her hahahahaha. Because you liked it when i held you...You are a very good and smart little boy. Its okay that you ate my bananas.Its nice to share food with somebody, it would be very lonely to eat alone.
Your mother and your dada could have seen you after you puked because you looked like a drunkl lil boy. You were weak and you did not much have strenght to fight with tita bing coz you just too tired and slept. You actually held her hand.
Next to your dada, your the only boy who got in our room so consider yourself lucky hahahahahh. I never thought you love hip hop and RnB as well. You know how to groove those hips..
You ate my biscuits. hahahha cute....i took a pic of us when you were asleep. Bottom line, you made us happy. Way better than drinking at Paseo:-).
I loved it when you actually wanted to sit on my lap..............and eat the lakatan........atleast........ahm nag effort ka:-)
I love you Rujip.

We dropped you off to their boarding house when Dad and I went out date. Im sure you too had a great time with them =) would you like to go there often?


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