Wednesday, May 16, 2007

bad mood :(

Dear Baby,

Contrary to your super smile picture, Bad mood ta duha today. I woke up in the wrong side of the bed. Pano bi, wala ko katulog kaayo. You woke me up many times ... kay bad mood ka. It must be because of your 9th tooth that's coming out. Or it could be because of that irritated eyes due to baby powder... guessing game.. that's what we always do baby .. but don't worry. Mommy will try to be super patient with you ha. It's not everyday you are like that. Most of the days you are the most even-tempered baby. I just feel down that you aren't feeling good. Get well soon baby. I love you very much. Im sorry if I'm havin a bad mood too. Praying to God i'll be like you. Very buotan na baby na aslom laway hehe... mwah!!! smooch.. smooch!

love ta ka kaayo,

P.S. Dad arrived last Friday from Thailand. He brought a Blue's Clues book for you. and a tiny mother's day gift for me (that i so love hehe) ... he didn't buy too many things there for he said, we should save for your future... see, you'll go to school in two years time... and the tuition fee ... OMG im talking too much na.. got to go na Baby. Will meet with some clients today... tc here in the house with Tita May. love you =)


sunshine said...

awww. poor cutie baby. pero sige lang, cute man gihapon ka sa? kidhat kidhat pa. pang chix man kaayog face oi. lupigan daddy benjo. hehe

bebang rulona ... said...

hello tita shine ... thanks for dropping by =) hope to see you soon ...

My name is Anne said...

kag above all, NAMI APETITE! something that all mothers would be so happy to have for a tabachochoy like you. can't wait to see you in august! seminaron mo si abe, pano mag kaon damo ha?kag kumbisihon mo sya nga namit ang margoso.

... evething i need to know, my mom tells me.